Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Touchless Faucet Review

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor

Touchless faucets are becoming more common in residences. They first made their appearance in commercial settings more than in private homes. The convenience of these fixtures has caught on and homeowners are getting in on the benefits. More manufacturers are offering a variety of brands and models which can make it more difficult to settle upon the best choice for your personal kitchen use. Here is a review of the Moen 7594ESRS Arbor model for your consideration. You’ll find detailed information about the features and benefits to help you in deciding if this is the best choice for you and your family.


The Arbor kitchen line of Moen touchless faucets is designed to provide the style and elegance that caters to the preferences and sense of style that consumers demand. Convenience, functionality, beneficial features and outstanding performance are key concepts in the designs that make these faucets stand out in the crowd. The Moen 7594ESRS Arbor is an innovative approach to simplifying everyday kitchen tasks so busy cooks have the dual benefits of two free hands and instantaneous response from the system when it is needed. The single lever handle meets all the requirements for compliance with the ADA.

In addition to the functionality of the design, this faucet is also stylish and elegant. The faucet is usually the focal point of the room and it is among the first items to be noticed upon entry. The sleek design and neutral stainless finish make this faucet a good choice for most kitchen decor. It is attractive in appearance and adds to the overall ambiance of any kitchen. People have their choice of the spot resistant stainless steel, oil rubbed bronze or chrome finishes for better matching to current home decor.


This faucet excels in the design, construction and features, which are required to achieve a high level of performance. Built in safeguards enhance performance by preventing false activations and an unexpected stream of water. At the wave of a hand or other object over the sensor beam, a stream is generated in record time. Water is turned on and off using the same method, making conservation possible.


The Moen manufacturing company has earned a solid reputation in the plumbing fixture industry. They consistently produce flawless designs for products, which are crafted from premium grade materials that are chosen for their safety and ability to resist, wear for longer life. The Moen Arbor is a popular faucet with consumers. People who have purchased and used this product have given it an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 possible stars. This places it well above average and lands it in the top choices in its class. While not everybody was pleased with the performance of this product, the majority gave it high marks for superior quality, being aesthetically pleasing and performing at a high level.

The Moen Company provides a limited lifetime warranty on this faucet model. The warranty provides a guarantee against defects in construction, materials and the finish.


This faucet is packed with several useful features and benefits. The pulldown spout supplies an adjustable stream of water including aerated stream and spray options. A handy pause button allows you to interrupt the flow of water when needed, and resume it again at any time. The 68 inch braided hose that connects the spray head of the cleaning wand is made of durable materials for long life, and is kink and knot resistant for added versatility and convenience. It has the capacity to reach outside of the sink area making it easier to fill large containers that may be sat on the counter top by the sink. When not in use, the spray wand may be quickly and easily retracted for secure storage.

Touchless technology allows for faster cleaning and more hygienic surroundings because there is no cross contamination from touching the faucet while hands are dirty from cleaning. The high arc spout with 100 degree rotation has the capacity to move forward for greater versatility. The flow of water maxes out at 2 gallons per minute.

The spout rotates 100-degrees and the handle (right side mount only) rotates forward to prevent hitting the backsplash. The 100-degree arc of handle travel controls temperature. It operates in stream or spray mode in the pullout or retracted position, and it has a spout height of 15.9 inches. Water flow is limited to 2.0 gallons per minute (gpm), and the lever handle is ADA compliant.

Installation is fast and simple with the aid of the Hydrolock quick connect installation system. There are no additional tools required because the connection is made with a snap. Installation instructions along with optional escutcheon for 3 hole sinks are included in the box.


The Moen 7594ESRS Arbor is a versatile faucet that has risen in the ranks to be one of the most popular models with customers. Its superior design and high quality craftsmanship are attributes, which help to make this a highly rated product. Anyone who is considering upgrading their current kitchen faucet and wants to add convenience, good looks and reliability might want to consider the purchase of this faucet.