Delta 9192T-SSSD-DST Addison Touchless Faucet

Delta 9192T-SSSD-DST Addison

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home because it is the place that is used for so many activities. It is a place for cleaning, meal preparation, food preservation and often, conversations over a hot stove. You depend on your kitchen faucet to provide you with water for all of these activities. A failure in this important fixture can throw a monkey wrench in your daily routine. One of the best ways to avoid the frustration and hassle of faucet failure is to upgrade to a high quality brand that is guaranteed against leaks, drips and other types of failures. Once you’ve decided to make the move and replace your kitchen faucet, you’ll find that there are several to choose from. In order to help you find the best one to meet your individual needs and suit your preferences, here is a review of the Delta 9192T-SSSD-DST Addison. You’ll find all of the details about the design, performance and special features of this product to decide if it is the best choice for you.


The Delta 9192T-SSSD-DST Addison has been designed to provide convenience and long lasting quality performance for owners. It features a sleek design with graceful curves that lend a touch of class and elegance to any kitchen decor. Touch activated innovation makes this fixture easy to operate for busy cooks who could use an extra set of hands. Water flow is activated with just a touch in any place on the handle or the spout. You can use your elbow, wrist or forearm if your hands are occupied. This helps to speed up the cooking and cleaning process, which saves valuable time.

Innovative design promotes a more hygienic kitchen environment because the touch3go feature makes it possible to wash dirty hands without the need to touch the handles or knobs of the faucet and risk cross contamination of the surfaces. A simple elbow or wrist bump will activate the dispensation of water.


Superior design features and the use of premium materials combine to promote enhanced performance of this high quality pull out kitchen faucet. Delta faucets are built to withstand the rigors of everyday use and retain their attractive appearance and high level performance. On Amazon people who have purchased and used the product have rated this faucet with 4.3 out of 5 possible stars. High marks were given for superior performance and durability.


The Delta manufacturing company has established a solid reputation in the industry for producing high quality products. The use of innovation and advanced technology has given them an edge in the development of new and improved models with more of the features that customers demand. Each product undergoes a series of rigorous testing to ensure that the design and components provide superior performance and durability for long life.

These fixtures are also designed with consumer safety in mind. The premium materials used in construction of the products are rated to be safe without the risk of water contamination from potentially hazardous leaching of metals. The single handle touch faucet meets the requirements for ADA compliance. This electronic fixture comes with a 5 year limited warranty from the manufacturer and is guaranteed to perform without leaks and drips.


Touch3go technology powers the simple touch feature, which allows users to start and stop water flow with a quick bump of the wrist or forearm. A built in safety feature automatically turns the water flow off after a period of 4 minutes to help prevent overflows in the sink area or the wasting of water.

Safety is enhanced with the Tempsense led light that indicates the water temperature. This is helpful in avoiding accidents that result in scalding. You’ll always know what the temperature of the water is with this feature.

MagnaTite docking technology provides stability and tight storage of the pull down spray wand when it is not in use. This is accomplished by the integration of a powerful magnet so your sprayer will remain docked until you need to use it.

Cleaning of the spray head is made faster and easier with the Delta registered Touch-Clean innovation that uses roft rubber nubbins that are resistant to the build up of lime and calcium deposits that can happen when using hard water. Just wipe away with a wet cloth to clean.

The single handle pull down feature also includes a handy soap dispenser to make hygienic cleaning and hand washing in the kitchen area quick and easy.

Diamond Seal technology features diamond coating n the valve that has been tested to perform with precision and smoothness for up to 5 million uses. This feature also helps to protect the water flowing through from contaminants.


The Delta 9192T-SSSD-DST Addison is one of the top rated touchless kitchen faucets available on the market today. The superior design with innovative new technology and premium materials used in the construction enhance the performance and safety of this product. The features included with this faucet help to promote a more hygienic and easy to maneuver setting for cooking and cleaning. It comes highly recommended for busy cooks or anyone who needs the convenience of having both hands free in the kitchen to perform other tasks.

Although some users were not pleased with the performance and features of this product, the majority found it to be an innovative product that provides a host of features that bring convenience and ease of use to the fore. The warranty coverage is not as good as some other products on the market, but it is commensurate with the features and price range of the product.

If you are concerned with improving hygiene in the kitchen setting, adding convenient features that help you to save time, and if you want to take a more affordable approach to upgrading your kitchen, this product may be worth your consideration. While it is not designed for lifetime performance, it is a 5 year or better model that allows you to discover how the new technology can improve your kitchen environment.