Grohe 33 330 001 Pull Out Faucet Review

Grohe 33 330 001

When you are shopping for the perfect faucet for your kitchen upgrade, you’ll find that there are so many brands and models out there that the task can be dizzying. One of the best ways to find the faucet that will best fit your needs is to research a few review articles until you find the one that most closely meets your preferences with regard to style and looks, and includes all of the features that will help to make your job in the kitchen area easier. Not all faucets are designed alike because we’re all individuals and each of us have our own needs and preferences. Here is a review of the Grohe 33 330 001 (Eurodisc) pull out kitchen faucet. You’ll find a comprehensive review of the design, performance, quality and special features that make it unique. You can use this information to decide if this is the dream faucet that will help you to complete your kitchen upgrade.


GROHE has continued in maintaining excellence in their design engineering with the 33 330 001 (Eurodisc) model pull out kitchen faucet. With safety as a consideration, solid brass components provide construction material that poses no danger from leaching into the water being transported for your consumption. This means that you will know that your water will not be exposed to harmful metal contamination.

The Eurodisc is desinged to maintain its lovely appearance because of its construction and finish that makes it highly resistant to scratching, tarnishing and the effects of dirt. It comes in a variety of different finishes that are sure to complement most any type of kitchen colors and themes.

GROHE engineers kept the needs of consumers in mind when they designed the Eurodisc. Attention to components and configurations that would make use of this product easy and add convenience to the lives of the users. No stone was left unturned when it came to planning out a smoothly operating faucet that would last for a lifetime.


The high quality of materials in the construction makes this faucet durable for long life and superior performance. There are several different attributes which combine to make this faucet one of the top performing units available on the market today. Innovations in design and new advances in technology are what make this possible. Water volumes are easily controlled for precision adjustment thanks to GROHEs SilkMove technology. Gliding ceramic discs that are treated with a Teflon coating make movement smooth and free of friction so there is less wear on the components. This innovative technology allows for effortless control of the volume and temperature of the water. All of these measures help to ensure that your GROHE faucet will remain new in appearance and in function with reliability of performance for years to come.


The GROHE company maintains high quality standards by using only premium materials and professional level craftsmanship in the manufacture of their products. The product designs are created with the intention of providing durable, long lasting faucets that will deliver superior performance for many years. Because of the excellence in design that considers the wants and needs of customers, the combination of all of these factors meld together to bring you a high quality faucet that won’t let you down. Repairing leaky faucets will be a thing of the past.

The manufacturer is so confident in the quality of their products that they offer a lifetime warranty on mechanics and parts that guarantee against any flaws in workmanship or materials. This could well be the last kitchen faucet that you own. People who have purchased and used this faucet have given it a rating of 3.8 out of 5 possible stars, which is well above average.


The Eurodisc model comes packed with exciting features that are intended to make any jobs requiring use of the kitchen faucet easier for the users. GROHE SpeedClean makes cleaning the spray nozzles simple because they are resistant to the buildups of minerals and other deposits that can occur with hard water. The Swivel spout reach is 9 and 5.8 inch for increased clearance space. This makes it ideal for washing large pots or oversized items that would not fit under many of the faucets which feature a lower height design. The pull out spray nozzle features push button control so users can easily transition from regular mode to spray. This comes in handy for fillling containers with water outside of the sink.

Ceramic gliding discs in the valves provide cleaner and healthier water without the risk of metal toxins leaching into the water that you are using for everyday cooking and cleaning duties. There is peace of mind in knowing that your faucet is designed with your health and safety in mind. Additional benefits of the ceramic disc feature are the ease of movement when you need a quick response, and the mass reduction of friction so the parts won’t wear out and need to be replaced. Too often faucets that contain inferior quality materials or design lead to frustration and expense because they are usually not capable of performing at the level of the Eurodisc for the same duration of time.


When it comes to pull out kitchen faucets, the GROHE Eurodisc does not fail to deliver on quality, looks and function. If you are looking for a kitchen faucet upgrade that is intended to provide you with reliable and easy operation for a lifetime, this model is worth your consideration. It provides plenty of clearance space so you can do big jobs as well as small ones. If your current kitchen faucet is causing anxiety because of frequent leaks or the need for constant maintenance, then it is probably time to consider making a more permanent replacement that will eliminate the problems for good.

When trying to decide which faucet will best meet your needs, preferences and expectations, it is good to go with the highest possible quality unit. By doing so, you will find that you are saving the time, effort and additional expense that it would take to repair or replace a set that may not be up to par.



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