Kohler A Trusted Brand For Many Decades

In the year 1873, John Michael Kohler purchased an American foundry and started making many different products. After being in business for a few years, Kohler started producing what he then called a horse trough. Later the so called horse trough had legs attached to the bottom and people started using it for indoor bathtubs. This was the birth of the Kohler plumbing business that we now know simply as Kohler. Today Kohler makes a wide range of different products but one group of those products are kitchen and bathroom faucets and fixtures. Kohler is known around the world to be a leader in the faucet and fixture industry and the company has stood the test of time.

Modern Day Kohler

Kohler FaucetFast forward to 2015, Kohler now has a huge range of faucets and fixtures that are both modern and classic. Kohler is known for its bold look and you will always find unique faucets that will look great in your home. A popular Kohler faucet that has been around for many years is the Essex Single-hole kitchen sink faucet with 9″ gooseneck spout. This classic looking kitchen sink faucet is installed in many homes all over the country. Simple yet elegant, this faucet has stood the test of time and is still highly sought after today. Many people choose to add this classic faucet to their kitchen in order to bring out the beauty of the sink. You simply can’t go wrong with a classic looking Kohler faucet.

A more modern faucet, the Sensate Touchless kitchen faucet with 15-1/2″ pull-down spout is an amazing blend of technology and plumbing. One of the most popular new Kohler faucets, you never have to worry about touching the sink’s handle with dirty hands. This is great for someone who does a lot of cooking and is always in the kitchen. Also, this smart faucet is great for those families that has kids who need to frequently wash their hands. The Sensate Touchless kitchen faucet will help prevent the spread of germs which will keep your family safe and healthy.

Kohler Blends Beauty With Functionality

One of the most innovative products that Kohler has created is the Artifacts single-hole deck-mount pot filler kitchen sink faucet with 22″ extended spout. This very useful faucet is perfect for those extra large pots that are a pain to fill. If you are a serious cook then you have to have one of these in your kitchen. Kohler has helped bring this faucet to the home. In the past only commercial restaurants had these time saving faucets.

You Can Trust Kohler

Kohler always stands behind its products and the company has been making high quality faucets and fixtures for many many years now. All of these knowledge and time have allowed Kohler to build a product line that will stand the test of time. Kohler only uses the finest materials so that all of their products will last a lifetime. Many Kohler faucets that have been installed decades ago are still going strong without a single leak. So if you are thinking of replacing your faucets and fixtures, why not go with a company that you know and trust?