Information About Delta

Brief History of Delta

Our company was founded in 1954, and has a long standing history of servicing homes and businesses all over the globe. We are a household name that consumers easily recognize as being the highest quality and premium made. Presently, our faucet sales has reached and exceeded over one million each month. Even though our headquarters can be found in Indianapolis, Indiana, we are also proud to say that we have manufacturing plants in 4 locations situated around the world. Our corporate vision is also clear because organizations adhere to the following 3 basic principles. All of which include aggressively developing innovative products, increasing brand awareness, and delivering quality services to consumers.

Today, we are also recognized as industry leader because of always providing a differentiated brand of faucets and other related products. We are accomplishing these goals by understanding what the consumers wants and needs and then supplying these products to a wide range of different consumers including residential owners, business owners, builders, installers and the like. The programs that we implement are targeted toward specific customers so that we can always provide premium products and services.

Delta Faucets and Key product model Innovations

Delta FaucetBecause one of our main goals is to provide solutions that consumers cannot live without, we have introduced the following innovations into the faucet industry.

1950’s – Delta Ball Valve

Using the design of the 4th letter of the Greek Alphabet, we are also responsible for developing the first successful washerless ball valve faucet.

2000s – E-flow Faucet

Our developers are also responsible for creating the industry’s 1st hands free electronic faucet. This design was made specifically for convenience in the home. This faucet was also made with features that included above the counter temperature controls so that it would be simple for everyone in the home to use.

Latest Innovative Quality and Designs

Since our company strives to bring the very best quality and designs to the table, consumers will see a wide diversity of uses of the latest technologies. Some of the more recent developments include various kinds of break through technological inventions like our Touch 20 technology and Diamond seal technology. A brief description of both are listed below.

Touch2O Technology that provides its users with 2 full hands or 10 messy fingers solution. With this design, people can simply tap anywhere on their spout or their handle and the water will begin to flow freely.

DIAMOND Seal Technology has also been made available exclusively through our technology. With this new design, consumers can expect a valve that’s made of tough diamond coating that’s designed with enough quality to lasts up to at least 5 million uses.

Other Pertinent Information About Delta Faucets

Our plans for the future are also bright and promising since we are in the midst of a $17.5 million expansion.This new expansion includes many different opportunities including additional jobs for the area. Consumers will also have access to a new public showroom that will allow everyone to see the latest technological inventions in the company.