How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet

When it is time to replace your kitchen faucet you’ll find that there is a mind staggering amount of different brands, models and types on the market. In order to help streamline the process and make it easier for you, there are a few things you can do to narrow down your search. Here are some tips and examples that will help you to get started on your quest for the perfect kitchen faucet

Determine your needs and preferences

The first step is to figure out what you will be using the faucet for and the size of the jobs you will be undertaking. For example, will you need to use the faucet for washing large pots and pans, filling larger containers, busy cooking or canning marathons? If so, you’ll want a faucet that provides the features that help you to accomplish these tasks with the greatest amount of ease. For example, people who routinely stay busy in the kitchen with multitasking may want to consider a faucet that provides a long hose with pull out spray heads and varying controls for greater convenience and single hand operation. The touchless varieties are also good choices because they allow for keeping the hands free.

You may also want to think about what color and style will fit in the best with your current decorating scheme. While most faucets are suitable for the majority of decor, there are cases where specific styles and colors work better than others. Since the faucet is often a major focal point in kitchens, you’ll want to make sure that you get a good match.

What type of faucet will your current setup accommodate?

The size of your sink and the clearance space will also determine which faucet may work best. Smaller areas may require a faucet with a shorter spout. The turning radius of the spout should also be considered because some of the more open areas can make better use of 360-degree turning features while those with a backsplash or counter behind may only be suitable for 120-degree swivel or fixed feature. A double sink will benefit the most from a pull out spray head with a longer hose for easier cleaning of both sides.

Functionality and features

You’ll also want to find a faucet that offers the features that can help to make your life easier. If you have arthritis, you may want to consider a touchless faucet, or one that features single handle control over temperature and flow for ease of operation. Also double check to ensure that the unit is ADA compliant with ergonomic features built in.

Some people prefer the double handle precision control because not all single handle faucets provide accuracy or a tight sense of control with the lever. This is generally more of an issue in less expensive models that do not make use of modern innovative technologies that address the issue fairly well.

Quality and durability

Most often, kitchen faucets that are packed with time and energy saving features are more expensive. The old saying you get what you pay for is generally true and kitchen faucets are no exception. You can get an idea of what to expect with regard to performance, long life and ease of operation by checking out the design and materials used in the construction of the faucet. For example, those made with solid brass construction provide several different benefits such as resistance to wear, scratching, tarnishing, corrosion and rust and they often provide the longest life and best possible performance. Those which offer ceramic disc construction, diamond or teflon coating in the valve are among the longest lasting and provide for the smoothest and easiest operation of the faucet.

When it comes to establishing quality, the better manufacturers that have earned a solid reputation for providing high quality goods and services are preferable to those which have either not yet been rated or offer little or no warranty on their products. Those with a lifetime limited warranty on the faucet and the finish are among the safest bets. These manufacturers have the confidence in their products to guarantee them for the life of the original home of installation and owner at the time and you can add your tankless water heater with the faucet.

Types of kitchen faucets and their advantages

  1. Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

These faucets provide a spray wand that is accessed by pulling it downward and are good for rinsing items in the sink. The hoses are generally short and the arc of the faucet is high. Better for areas with good clearance but the downside is that the hoses are not usually long enough to reach outside of the sink.

  1. Pull Out Kitchen Faucets

Pull outs usually come with longer hoses and a spray head that pulls out instead of down. They are more versatile than the pull down versions because they can be used for filling containers on counters beside the sink. They also generally come equipped with more control features on the spray head such as dual spray selection and stop and start buttons for pausing the water flow or locking it in if desired.

  1. Kitchen faucets with Side Sprayers

These faucets are found in the more basic models and most often feature single lever controls with the sprayer attached to the side of the faucet. The sprayer is retractable for storage in the docking position on the spout for easy storage.

4.Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

This is among the most popular of styles among homeowners. Single handle faucets only require one hand to set the volume of flow and temperature. They allow busy cooks to multitask, saving time in task completion.

5.Two Handle Kitchen Faucet with Center set

This type kitchen faucet allows for more precise volume and water temperature control. The drawbacks are that it takes two hands to mix the temperatures so it is not as convenient as some of the touchless or single handle models.

  1. Touchless Kitchen Faucets

Touchless kitchen faucets make the most of new and innovative advances in technology. They operate off of the principle of motion sensing. When a hand or other object is waved in front of the light beam sensor, the water is turned off or on. This is among the most convenient and easy to use type of faucets.

Final thoughts

Finding the best kitchen faucet means choosing the one that will most closely meet your needs. In addition, it will ideally fit in with your home decor with a compatible design and appearance, provide you with the assortment of features that will make your life easier, and offer high quality in performance and durability.