Danze Has Unique Products That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

When it comes to elegant faucets and fixtures one company quickly comes to mind. Danze is known for it’s wide selection of modern faucets that are both stylish and functional. First introduced to the United States back in 2001, Danze has really made a name for itself in a few short years. Danze is known for being a fun and inventive company and it has brought many different ideas to the marketplace. Danze prides itself in building award winning products that are both different and durable. Each product that Danze manufactures is made from high quality materials and the company always stands by their products.

Danze Has An Amazing Collection Of Products

Danze faucetDanze is unlike another faucet manufacturers in the world. There products are uniquely designed and you will not find many of their designs anywhere else. This has helped Danze make a name for itself in the US marketplace. People all over the country are starting to recognize Danze as an industry leader. Danze has built a large list of products that can be found in many different retail locations. In 2002, just one year after entering into the US market Danze had over 200 different products to offer. This amazing growth was triggered by a major demand for their products.

One of the most popular faucet models that Danze carries is the Sirius Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Spray. This uniquely designed faucet has crisp lines that blend in well with a modern themed kitchen. But modern is not the only design that Danze knows how to do well. The Opulence Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Spray has a classic look that works perfectly in just about any kitchen. This faucet has become popular with homeowners and celebrity chefs alike. In fact, you have probably seen this faucet on TV before.

Danze Does More Than Just Faucets

While Danze is known for its beautifully designed faucets, the company also makes space saving toilets that are easy on the environment. These small but elegant toilets look great in any bathroom and come in a wide range of different styles. Danze also has their very own line of shower fixtures that are very appealing to the eye. Danze works hard to add beauty to their products and their shower fixtures are simply spectacular. One of the most beautiful and most relaxing shower fixtures that Danze offers is the Sirius Trim Only Single Handle Pressure Balance Shower Faucet. With it’s square design and many jets it is easy to fall in love with this shower head and matching trim.

Danze Takes Pride In Their Products

Danze has always took pride in the products that it produces. They only use the highest quality metals and materials to build their products and you can trust that Danze will stand by their work. A generous warranty is provided with each product Danze sells, so you will never have to worry about quality. If you are looking to add beauty to your bathroom or kitchen you simply can’t go wrong with a Danze faucet or fixture.